A post celebrating the most impacting and inspiring women doing amazing work in their relative niches

1)    Margaret Ackah–Yensu. Ghanaian and British-trained aesthetician. She uses her country’s traditions and is the co-founder of the all-natural beauty line Tulii Skincare. Tulii Skincare shares Margaret’s personal connection to nature, healing and wellness giving a healthy contrast to today’s toxic beauty industry.

2)   Haben Girma. Born and raised in Oakland, US with family roots in Eritrea. The first deaf-blind student to graduate from Harvard Law School. A trailblazer for deaf-blind students who passionately advocates for them being included in the technology, education, and media sectors.

3)   Dr. Judy Dlamini. South African Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist. Founding chairman and Doctor of Business Leadership. Growing up facing poverty, her parent’s entrepreneurial spirit made her resilient and empowered her. She says: “I grew up in Westville near Durban, at a time when it was a crime to have my complexion. Yet I was raised by parents who encouraged me to pursue my education and who told me I could be anything I chose to be.”

4)   Samantha Musa. Popularly known as MisRed, she is a Zimbabwean radio personality, social influencer, philanthropist, and brand ambassador. She has presented on local television as well as MTV African Music Awards. She partners with corporations to launch campaigns around female empowerment and has partnered with a Zimbabwean organisation called Girls Are Us who mobilize sanitary products for girls in rural Zimbabwe.

5)   Summers Mckay. CEO at Optimist Daily. Business executive who creates loyal teams who love their jobs. The Optimist Daily aims to create an optimistic, mobilized, and solutions focused global society, making the world a healthier place for all.

These are just some of the talented women doing amazing things across their fields to raise and empower women. 

 Written by: Umra Hayat