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23 June, 2020

Women in Tech forum announces partnership with Flexa

We are very excited to announce that Flexa and Women in Tech forum are official partners!


We decided to bring our offerings together to help tech companies further gender equality and diversity in the workplace.  It’s a huge problem that the industry is trying to tackle, but we still have a long way to go with just 23% of stem roles in the UK held by women*.


88% of women would be drawn towards companies that talk openly about their gender diversity in the workplace*. So, we thought that a partnership that brought Women in Tech forum’s brilliant female network to Flexa’s jobs at forward-thinking companies that disclose their gender balance and flexibility, would be ideal.


We see this partnership as having a two-pronged effect:


Helping to improve gender balance in tech companies


It’s a mammoth task, but we want our partnership to have a positive effect on gender diversity in a very male-dominated industry. Women in Tech forum’s network is full of inspirational women that have made a significant impact already in their careers.


Angie Vaux, Founder and CEO of Women in Tech forum said “many companies are implementing strategies to improve their appeal to women such as checking job ads for gender bias and unconscious bias awareness training for recruiters”.


By partnering with Flexa, Women in Tech forum can showcase job opportunities for companies who offer a truly attractive, inclusive and flexible working environment, helping women pursue and accelerate their career in tech.


Furthering the flexible working agenda


For too long, there has been a stigma associated with flexible working. Historically, it has been seen as only acceptable if someone has an extenuating circumstance, which then means people are concerned about asking for it, as they may be seen as not committed or unable to fulfil the demands of the role.


Molly Johnson-Jones, Co-Founder of Flexa, said that “the stigma that is still attached to flexible working is genuinely concerning, and although COVID-19 has led to it becoming more widely accepted, we want to empower people to find flexible work without having to worry about the fact that they might be viewed differently. By working with Women in Tech forum, we can showcase our progressive companies that we work with to help successful, talented, ambitious women to work in an environment where everyone, not just women, is set up to thrive”.


This partnership isn’t just for women, though. Flexible working is for everyone, because we should all be allowed to work in a way that works for us, and Flexa is serious about helping to change the way we work. Women in Tech forum is committed to educating companies and teams about gender issues in the workplace and how these obstacles can be overcome.




Flexa is the only job platform that focuses solely on full-time flexible work. Working with the most forward-thinking companies in the UK & Ireland, Flexa improves employer brand and bridges the gap between supply & demand of flexible working, thereby helping companies to win the war for talent.


Find out more about what we’re up to here:



Women in Tech forum is an exclusive global community of women who are looking to accelerate and grow their career in technology.


We provide opportunities to connect with inspirational female leaders who share their experiences and practical advice on how to build a successful career in tech through monthly virtual events, informal coaching, mentoring and networking.


We are an inclusive community and invite our male allies to be a part of our discussion. Together we are stronger.


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*source – WISE

*source – WIT survey

# # #


Megan Stollery, Greenfield Field Marketing Manager, UK & Emerging Markets, Adobe

“Adobe’s partnership with Women in Tech forum, has provided employees with a safe space to engage with inspirational women inside and outside of their Adobe network. The partnership has also enabled us to deepen our relationships with clients by extending the programme externally through facilitated roundtable discussions and meetups, which have been extremely well received. It has been a pleasure working alongside Angie and her team over the past year, their dedication and collaboration is breath of fresh air. I look forward us collaborating even further for FY22.”

Louise Rossiter, EMEA Recruitment Lead, Slack

“Women in Tech forum is our go-to resource at Slack to help female colleagues build the confidence, support and leadership skills to take their career to the next level. The monthly webinars are so inspiring and always a great opportunity to learn from senior role models and connect with likeminded people. Moving to a virtual platform has enabled us to roll out the program globally and to showcase Slack as an employer of choice, committed to diversity and inclusion.

For anyone looking to improve employer branding or connect female talent, I’d highly recommend partnering with Women in Tech Forum."


“Diversity and equality are at the very heart of Amplitude and from the ground up we have proactively built an inclusive workplace environment for everyone. That is why our European team has partnered with the fantastic team at Women in Tech forum. Partnering with the Women in Tech Forum enables us to give back to our amazing female cohort and drive sustainable DEI strategies for future generations."

Director, Atos

“All of my female colleagues should attend these events”

Business Development Consultant, Introhive

“Lots of practical advice on how to earn the pay and promotion I deserve”

Account Director, Oracle

“I wish I had had access to this community earlier on in my career”

Global VP, SAP

“Delighted to be a part of this community. Together we are stronger”

Business Development Manager, Natterbox

“A great network of successful women who I can draw inspiration and support from”

Program Director, British Business Bank

“The best women in tech event I’ve ever attended”

Program Officer, Parliamentary Digital Services

“This network gives me the confidence that I can achieve my career amibitions”