Ezim Ezea

Ezim Ezea works in Talent Acquisition at Netflix. She shares her highlights of working in tech, how she relates to Black History Month and how she will pay tribute to Black History Month.

What are some of the highlights of your career in the tech industry?

The Tech industry is naturally very fast-paced, so the ability to uncover new talent with skills for tomorrow is the highlight for me. With most conversions, I am usually left in awe of how creative people are in their roles and careers and their impact on their field.

What does black history month mean to you?

It’s a month of celebration and an opportunity to share the culture in a deliberate way.

What are the lessons from black history that have shaped how you live your life / influence your choices?

My parents are the biggest influence on me. Their black history of struggles and wanting a better life for their kids, pushes me to want to create and live the best life I can. 

How will you personally pay tribute to black history month?

We have a few things planned at work. So my plan is to show up, be present and participate.