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We run a comprehensive monthly program of in person and virtual events.

Network with other members of the community. Gain industry and career insights to give you a competitive edge and accelerate your professional growth.

Virtual events are free of charge for members and the dial-in details can be accessed here.

Watch the highlights from recent events below. For more information about hosting an event, email [email protected].

Building and Selling Meaningful Products
In partnership with Samsara
June 2023
Women in Tech Sales
In partnership with Pendo
April 2023
International Women’s Day 2023
In partnership with AWS
March 2023
Women in B2B Tech Sales
In partnership with Samsara
November 2022

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JANUARY – Returning Strong: managing your career progression after children

FEBRUARY – Finding your Inner Joy

MARCH – Menstrual Cycle and Productivity Hacking

APRIL – Hustle Culture & Burnout

MAY – Navigating Fertility Issues and Work Simultaneously

JUNE – Accent Bias 

JULY – Celebrating Pride

AUGUST – Women’s Health & Wellbeing | Switching off for the Summer

SEPTEMBER – Neurodiversity

OCTOBER – Menopause | Understanding menopause in the workplace

NOVEMBER – Ageism | Successful careers for the over 50’s

DECEMBER – Self compassion during the festive season

JANUARY – Taking Control of Your Career

FEBRUARY – Squiggly Careers: Navigating Non-linear Career Paths

MARCH – Build Your Executive Presence & Own the Room

APRIL – Negotiate Your Way to Success

MAY – Preparing for Difficult Conversations at Work

JUNE – Managing Your Attention and Focus

JULY – How to get noticed and create impact at work 

AUGUST – Future-Proof your Career | Building your career resilience

SEPTEMBER – How to find a mentor and build a successful mentoring relationship

OCTOBER – Active Allyship

NOVEMBER – Bringing your authentic self to work

DECEMBER – Preparing for Performance Reviews and Building the case for your Promotion