CEO Corner

Women in Tech forum, Founder & CEO, Angie Vaux is regularly interviewed on topics related to entrepreneurs, women in leadership, sales leadership, diversity and inclusion, coaching, wellbeing and mindfulness.  We have collated a snapshot of Angie’s media interviews, speaking opportunities and external podcasts for you to enjoy.

Coffee Shop Chat Podcast

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, Angie spoke to Rhi and Rachel from Nudge’s new podcast Coffee shop chat, to talk about women in the workplace, what inspires us and how we can continue the conversation to bring more equality for all.

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Women in Tech You Need to Know

The technology industry is still a male-dominated one. Only 5% of leadership roles in tech are held by women and 78% of university students can’t name a famous female in working within the industry.

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SaaSGrowthLive 2020

How can Men Support Women in Tech? Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO of Women in Tech Forum, joined SaaSGrowthLive 2020 …

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MyPeople Meets

MyPeople Meets interviews influential business people about what motivates them, their views on organisational values and high performance cultures along with personal insights on why they do what they do.

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Not Another Sales Podcast

You’ve probably seen mindfulness references in articles, posts and content a lot more recently. The understanding and impact of it, is becoming clearer, but in order for us to truly embrace it, we need organisations to provide the structures and foundations.

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Mindfulness Is Not a Sales Fad

Angie discusses how her work in mindfulness has helped her to reach the heights of her career thus far, and what you can do to create a successful career with mindfulness at the core.

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