How to Find a Mentor and Build a Successful Mentoring Relationship

Online - Virtual Event

No matter what stage you are at in your career, a mentor can provide valuable insights, guidance and advice to support your ongoing career development, as well as help you identify and navigate common pitfalls. Research by Turning the Gender Diversity Dial suggests that mentees are five times as likely to be promoted than those […]


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Active Allyship

Online - Virtual Event

Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging. All topics that are top of mind for any SaaS company.  Although the industry has made some progress in recent years, tech remains a male dominated industry with less than 17% of the European tech workforce being women and people of colour. For true change to happen, diversity, inclusion and belonging should […]

Bringing your authentic self to work

Online - Virtual Event

Research shows that people who feel safe and supported to bring their authentic selves to work tend to be more energised, more creative, and have higher engagement with colleagues, all of which lead to improved business performance. Whilst creating a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging is top of mind for many companies, individuals - […]

The Future of Work – using GenAI to accelerate career development

Online - Virtual Event

Generative AI is at the forefront of change and is redefining how we work and the skills we need to succeed. A recent study by McKinsey highlighted that 30% of hours worked can be automated by AI by 2030. What does this mean for the workforce of tomorrow, and how can this help women advance […]

Women in Sales | Masterclass Series | Generative AI for Sales

Online - Virtual Event

This session, led by Siobhan Gallagher - Enterprise Sales Leader, will give you an overview of AI from a non-technical perspective, explain the different types of AI commonly used in business and share resources to help you ramp up your understanding of AI. Siobhan will cover how sales professionals can source and implement AI given […]

Generative AI: Practical applications at scale in industry

Online - Virtual Event

Generative AI has been making a lot of waves in the AI industry lately. But how do we sustainably scale these solutions without a lot of human dependency? What sort of controls, evaluation metrics, models, budget, governance, etc do we need to use these in production? This class will provide an industry summarisation on some […]

Women in Tech Sales

The Century Club 61-63 Shaftesbury Ave, London

Women in Tech forum is back at The Century Club for our sell-out Women in B2B Tech Sales event. Join us for an evening of networking and panel discussions to discuss how to get off to fast start in 2024. We'll be covering: How to use GenAI and emerging technologies to support your sales process […]

Women in Tech Sales Masterclass

Online - Virtual Event

In this Masterclass, Ammie Purewall will be looking at how you can Drive Global Enterprise Change: Digital Transformation with Global Business Services. The areas that will be covered: Defining the strategy to adopt to be the catalyst of change. Identify if Global Business Services is the Hero to drive results. The widescale impact that adopting […]