Influencing Stakeholders & How to be Politically Savvy

Canva's London HQ 33-35 Hoxton Street, London

Join us for an engaging panel discussion co-hosted by Canva and Women in Tech forum, where industry leaders will share insights on mastering the art of influencing stakeholders and navigating corporate politics with finesse.   We'll be covering: Effective strategies for engaging stakeholders and fostering lasting connections Insights from real-life success stories, illustrating the impact […]

Women in Engineering Masterclass | Coding: An Art & A Science

Online - Virtual Event

In this masterclass, Khadijat will explore the fascinating world of coding, diving into its dual nature as both an art and a science. Here's what you can expect: 🔍 What Is Coding? Khadijat will provide a comprehensive definition and brief overview, touching on different types of coding. 🔬 Coding: A Science. Explore the logical nature […]

Tech & AI LIVE | London

Online - Virtual Event

Connecting Tech & AI Leaders across Europe Join us at Tech & AI LIVE London on the 21st of May 2024 for this special one day virtual conference. You'll watch acclaimed keynote speakers from companies such as DXC Technology, Ericsson and NetApp. Take part as we host interactive high-energy panel discussions and discover the latest […]

Women In Engineering Masterclass

Online - Virtual Event

Join us for our upcoming Women In Engineering Masterclass: Site Reliability Engineering: Your Gateway to Reliable Systems!🎓 In this masterclass, Lilit Tadevosyan, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, will be leading this insightful session. 🚀Agenda: 🔍 What is Site Reliability Engineering đź“Š What is reliability and how it can be measured 🔑 Core concepts of Site Reliability Engineering […]

Cyber 2024 – Recalibrating our assumptions on cybersecurity

Chatham House 10 St James's Square, London

Join senior policymakers and industry experts in a day of discussion and thought leadership to understand why those in this sector need to remain agile to the ever-changing, digital world. The cyberspace domain is one of rapid technological development, significant threats, and plentiful opportunities. Actors from across the public and private sectors are looking to […]

Proof of Talk

Louvre Palace, MAD Paris

The Women In Tech Forum team is excited to share that we have joined Proof of Talk 2024 as a partner. The conference, to be held on 10-11 June 2024 in Paris, is a unique combination of the essence of traditional economic forums and the highly engaging Web3 community.With the most senior speaker lineup in […]

Inspire: 6sense’s Annual Conference in London

155 Bishopsgate 155 Bishopsgate, London

Inspire UK provides a day of actionable marketing and sales inspiration directly from investors, CROs, CMOs and GTM experts. Check out the incredible agenda and speakers.   Inspire UK Conference will deliver valuable insights and practical guidance for every member of your revenue team through: â—Ź Inspiring keynote speeches led by heavyweight speakers on the […]

Wayfinders Summit

Mas Tolosa 79 Rue des Chenes, Toulouse, Plaisance-du-Touch

Let’s close the gap - not just gender, financial or educational - but the one between your vision and making it a reality. The Wayfinders Summit welcomes women from around the world who want to design the life they desire, regardless of their background, circumstances, or location. Independence is life-changing, whether financial, professional, or personal, […]

Women In Sales Masterclass: Accelerating Sales: Adopting AI Tools to Improve Sales Performance

Online - Virtual Event

Join Our Exclusive Masterclass: Accelerating Sales: Adopting AI Tools to Improve Sales Performance!  🗓 Date: Wednesday, 19th June 🕒 Time: 3pm GMT (30 minutes) 👩‍🏫 Speaker: Luba Reynolds Are you ready to transform your sales approach and drive better results? Don’t miss this masterclass with Luba, an industry leader with a remarkable blend of consulting, sales enablement, and IT leadership expertise. With extensive experience in Analytics, BI, ERP sales, program delivery, and […]

Quieten your Inner Critic and Step into your Brilliance

Online - Virtual Event

Join us for an empowering panel discussion, "Quiet Your Inner Critic and Step into Your Brilliance." Discover practical strategies to silence self-doubt, boost your confidence, and cultivate a positive mindset. This event is designed to help you recognise and overcome the inner critic, enabling you to step into your true potential.  Key Topics Covered: Understanding […]