Menstrual Cycle & Productivity Hacking in the Workplace

Online - Virtual Event

Clare is a Business Psychologist who specialises in building inclusive, human-centred organisations. She is a leading expert on how we can reimagine workplace culture, cultivate empathy and compassion, and create authentic, equitable workplaces where women can thrive. Clare works with companies to help level the playing field and remove barriers for women and people assigned […]

Build your Executive Presence & Own the Room

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Executive presence is a combination of personal traits and outward behaviours that create an image of competence and trustworthiness. It can be measured by the ability to own a room and the likelihood of people following your direction. According to a study by the Centre for Talent Innovation, Executive Presence accounted for 26% of what it […]

Business Innovation Summit

St Paul's 200 Aldersgate, London

The Business Innovation Summit is a forward-thinking hybrid event convening senior executives from a range of industries and specialisms—including strategy, technology, operations and human resources. Get fresh perspectives and actionable insights from more than 60 influential speakers with debates and panel discussions on the most pertinent business issues for C-suite executives. Find out more here: […]

UK Cyber Week

Business Design Centre 52 Upper St, London

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The origins and evolution of Generative AI

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The past few months have seen a lot of excitement with the progress made in generative AI. Some call it hype and some call it the 'AI revolution'. We have been flooded with information for moratoriums or advancements from the founders of deep learning, while companies are moving at hyper speed to start thinking about […]

Negotiate your way to Success

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The ability to negotiate successfully, whether for yourself or for your organisation, is a key skill. Women face unique challenges when it comes to negotiating. Some of these are internal based on our cultural upbringing, and can lead to women downplaying their assertiveness for fear of being labelled ‘too aggressive’ or ‘too demanding’. Externally, there […]

Women in Tech Sales

The Bower 211 Old Street, London

Customers are more savvy than ever before and are looking to have informed conversations with vendors who understand their business requirements, and can demonstrate industry and product expertise to deliver personalised value propositions. The changing buyer behaviour coupled with the current macroeconomic environment is leading to more complex and longer sales cycles. Commercial sales people […]

Navigating Fertility

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Women in Tech Sales | Networking and Panel Discussion Event

Herzogspitalstraße 24 Herzogspitalstraße 24, München

Join Samsara and Women in Tech forum for an evening of networking and inspirational talks from B2B Tech Sales Leaders who will discuss how they are adapting their sales processes to succeed in the current economic climate. In this interactive panel discussion, we’ll be covering: The changing buyer behaviour and how to adapt your sales […]

Preparing for Difficult Conversations

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We all have to deal with uncomfortable situations at work. This could be telling a client that a project is delayed, handling a disagreement with a colleague or dealing with performance-related issues. Instigating a difficult situation can feel daunting, especially when the stakes are high and we’re unsure as to how the discussion will be […]