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If you’re reading this, we are excited for you. You’ve landed on the job description for a company that obsesses over your wellbeing with unrivalled work life balance, your career development providing transparent career paths and learning support for every single person, and knows that you are unique and will celebrate that. If you are passionate about what you do, and want a career in one of the most exciting yet stable industries, read on…

Egress Software Technologies are a leading Cyber Security company providing global solutions to protect against human activated risk. By aggregating data to derive intelligence, Egress is the only company able to predict future threats and prevent attacks or breaches – before they happen.

Egress is proud to support thousands of Enterprise customers across a range of sectors including Financial Services, Legal, Healthcare, and Government organizations. By protecting millions of employees around the world from advanced threats, businesses can safely achieve their mission without unnecessary risk.

At the forefront of the IT Cyber Security industry, Egress can provide an unrivalled career path in Cloud technology & Site Reliability Engineering.

The Team

The team’s role within Egress is to deploy and maintain the infrastructure where most, if not all, of Egress Products live. The main purpose is to get product features from code developed by the Development teams and transform it into infrastructure so our customers can ultimately use it, while keeping this infrastructure secure and updated.

They play a pivotal role in providing deployment and support for infrastructure hosted in the cloud. This ranges from creating infrastructure diagrams to writing infrastructure as code and deploying pipelines for applications. Additionally they provide 24/7/365 support managing single servers to huge clusters of servers for a wide range of customers dealing with practically every team in the business to get a customer’s dream out to production.

The SRE team play one of the most vital roles within the company, the developers need a platform to be able to host their applications safely and without the SRE team, that platform wouldn’t exist.

The Role

  • A good understanding of Linux/Windows, cloud technology as well as being interested in learning, using and applying new technologies
  • The ability to understand the software development process and the code being written to be able to design infrastructure to work well with the software.
  • The Ability to write scripts to automate processes and monitoring systems.
  • Working with cloud technologies ranging from tooling to cloud vendors. Having tools such as Terraform and Salt, Kubernetes/Docker help to deploy new infrastructure and applications.
  • Always aspiring to go ‘Cloud-First’ and use what is available with providers such as Azure. Why manage an SQL Cluster when someone else can?
    Utilising experience of software development, database administration and customer support
  • Breadth of skills are more important than specific skills, end-to-end solution understanding from infrastructure to UI is key.
  • You need to feel comfortable solving problems with potentially unfamiliar technology and be confident in the solutions you find for problems.
  • Being comfortable making decisions under pressure as Egress manages systems critical for major organisations like the NHS and UK Government and the decisions made as an SRE could have a wide reaching impact.

The Person

Experience is a nice thing to have, but in the modern world with how rapidly cloud technologies are expanding, it is more about the thrill to learn new technologies and expanding your personal knowledge. Always having that desire to learn new technologies and pushing yourself further is a trait we value highly.

The SRE role at Egress would suit someone who wants a varied job that combines aspects of software development and system administration. People who want to focus solely on one project for weeks on end would not be a good fit as the work changes often and we have to manage incoming support requests and incidents alongside project work.

Oh and of course you need a good personality! This team is very busy so being calm under pressure and working together is key.

The company

We are proud of our uniquely agile, effervescent, and people-focused equal opportunity environment. Our core values of Owning it, Being Bold, Doing the right thing and Being a bar-raiser run through everyone who works for us, and everything we do.

We are a sociable company and haven’t let a global pandemic stop us from continuing to enjoy the place we work even if is more of a virtual experience at times. The atmosphere across the business is friendly and supportive, with a constant desire to improve in everything we do! We are now back to running our monthly paid for social activities as our offices continue to get busier! For those who are working remotely, we can’t promise the coffee you have in your kitchen will be as good as the free ones we have in the offices but the people you share it with will be just as warm and welcoming.

Diversity & Inclusivity:

Here at Egress we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our workforce has consistently sat above the national average for both BAME and Female representation, but we recognise that we can always do more. Every job description is subject to scrutiny through a gender bias decoder ensuring our roles are as inclusive and attractive as possible. Our culture is one that aims to nurture a welcoming and safe working environment for everyone with initiatives such as our Diversity & Belonging forum, dedicated mental health first aider network and regular awareness seminars all contributing to a great place to work whoever you are.

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