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The real economy employs 3 billion people in frontline jobs, yet frontline teams have been underserved by technology for decades and are left to choose between paper or 20-year-old workforce management solutions, which harm both their employees and their business.

At Sona, we’re building the Frontline Operating System; an end-to-end platform to manage the entirety of a shift-based workforce. Sona combines the functionality you expect from any workforce management software – including scheduling, time & attendance, and absence management – with industry-specific plugins and dedicated features to empower staff, all in one easy-to-use platform that simplifies frontline work for everyone.

We have the opportunity to build a very large, impactful and sector-defining business, and we’re off to a fast start. In year 1, we reached tens of thousands of frontline workers and raised over $10 million from Google’s AI fund – Gradient Ventures, SpeedInvest, Notion Capital and angels like Tom Blomfield, to help us reach more.

It’s a hugely exciting time to be joining the team, as we’re still small enough that you’ll have a significant impact on the company, growth trajectory and culture, but large enough that we have a great structure, experienced leaders and world-class benefits in place (such as being fully remote and flexible, and only working 4.5 days a week)

About the Role

We fundamentally believe that the best products are built when small, cross functional, autonomous teams are empowered to solve business problems as they see fit. You’ll be joining a pod which owns a particular area of the product and movement between product areas is encouraged and easy.

Our stack has two main components:

  • A backend with a GraphQL API (for communicating with the Native App) and a web frontend built using Elixir and Phoenix Live View (the PETAL stack)
  • A native mobile application built in React Native + Typescript

We think in terms of “T Shaped” developers. This means that while all of us have some ability across the “full stack”, most of us have one side of the stack (e.g. Elixir or React Native) we’re stronger on and spend the bulk of our time on. Typically when somebody starts working with us, they have strong experience with one side of the stack and then learn the other part on the job.

How we Work 

We’re a small company with a strong preference for lightweight, asynchronous processes and within Product, we work in sprints with periodic retrospectives. Everything starts with our customers and our engineers (and wider Product team) work closely with Customer Success to ensure we’re building a product that fits our users needs. Our Product team principles give more of a flavour of how we like to work day-to-day.


Everybody’s different, but a lot of the following probably applies to you:

You have some professional experience in Elixir
You have a strong preference towards taking ownership, making sure you’re clear on what you’re doing and why and then communicating progress over awaiting instruction
You’re excited about building beautiful user interfaces using Tailwind and Liveview
You have a focus on “getting it shipped” and when given the choice between “complicated and shiny” vs “get something simple in front of a user”, you always choose the latter.
You’re in a country which is GMT +/- 3 and fluent communicating both verbally and in writing in English
You’re able to attend in-person company meetups 2-3 times per year, these will be around 4 days long and usually require flying both in and outside of Europe


£75-90k (or local equivalent), depending on experience
4.5 day standard working week
Share options
Fully remote and flexible working
35 days annual leave (25 days standard plus 10 flexible public holiday days)
Pension contributions matched up to 5%
Enhanced parental leave & pay
Comprehensive health insurance via Bupa
Co-working space stipend
Quarterly all expenses paid team retreats
The latest Macbook and equipment for your home office
Professional development budget
Unlimited free books

Working at Sona

We take our health and mental health seriously, believing that we can only perform to our best when we are healthy, happy, and in control of when, where, and how we work. That’s why we’re fully remote and everyone works a 4.5 day week (you choose when you take the half day) with a fully flexible schedule.

We balance this with regular virtual stand-ups and all-hands so we’re all aligned, and paid-for, in-person meet-ups so you can get to know your colleagues.

You can learn more about the team and what it’s like working at Sona here.

Diversity & Inclusivity:

Diversity & Inclusivity:
# How we work

**Remote & Flexible 💻**

At Sona, we believe that everyone does their best work when they are happy and feel in control. That's why we've decided to be fully remote, as that gives everyone the highest degree of flexibility and control over *how* and *where* they want to live and work.

*We measure in output, not time.*

We’re currently spread across the UK, mainland Europe and South East Asia.

We have a few 'core office hours' to facilitate our daily kick-off, team and customer meetings and 1-1s, but aside from that it's up to you to decide how your day is organised. And since we work a 4.5 day standard week, that includes choosing when to take your flexible half day.

Everyone gets a monthly budget to use for office or co-working space as they choose.

**Social life & teamwork 💃**

Being remote doesn't mean that we don't spend time together. We have lots of social chats on Slack (including the obligatory cute baby/dog/rabbit pics) as well as regular 1-1s and group collaboration sessions on Zoom.

A few times each year we get the whole team together for a week of workshops and fun - ideally in a nice and sunny place ☀️ You can read more about our meet-ups [here](https://www.notion.so/Working-at-Sona-4e3c00206c414d8c9eb9b7a617cdc6d7?pvs=21).

**Your decision** **🧠**

We want everyone to feel ownership over their piece of Sona. We believe in empowering you to do your best work, make decisions for your area of responsibility and act on those decisions. We're always there to give feedback and help each other out, but ultimately, you have the power to act.

**Full speed 🏎**

We're very ambitious and we move fast but without compromise. We believe in acting today, rather than tomorrow. And though we work with urgency to reach our goals, we always remember to celebrate the small wins and have as much fun as we can along the way.

**A supportive culture 🤝**
We will do everything we can to give you the resources and tools you need to do your best work and advance your career. Everyone gets a personal development budget and on-demand mental health support and we always welcome fresh ideas that will improve how we work collectively and individually.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ashbyhq.com.