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Becoming a Non-Exec Director | With Yemi Jackson

Masterclass, October 2022

Yemi is the founder of Building Inclusive Boards (BIB) a talent incubator and accelerator for minorities seeking board positions. Yemi is on the Advisory Board for BRiM (Black Representation In Marketing) and is on the UK Black and Brilliant Advocacy leadership.

Yemi Jackson, Founder, Building Inclusive Boards

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

Setting up a small business | With Debbie Watkins

Masterclass, September 2022

The secret to success in any business is ensuring that the products and services will meet the needs of a complex and ever-changing marketplace. This is easier said than done, especially for small business owners, but not achieving product/market fit is probably the most common reason that business fail.

Debbie Watkins, Co-Founder & CEA, Lucy

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

How to Thrive through Menopause Masterclass | With Julie Dennis

Masterclass, August 2022

Julie Dennis runs one of the UK’s leading menopause consultancies for organisations who want to create positive conversations and behaviours around menopause to help retain top talent, impact the gender pay gap and reduce business costs and risks.

Over the past five years Julie has partnered with organisations across the UK to deliver tailored menopause at work training solutions that promote an environment where everyone can be themselves and perform at their peak.

Julie Dennis, Director & Lead Trainer, Menopause at Work

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

Virtual Yoga Masterclass | With Sabrina Ovadya Lenson

Masterclass, August 2022

The class by URWell Co-Founder Sabrina Ovadya Lenson: Enjoy our strong strength class that incorporates slower controlled movements with body weight or external weights to improve overall body strength and power which results in defined muscles.

URWell: URWell is an online, global wellness concierge that curates specific personalised wellness programmes for our clients and introduce them to the top experts in their fields. We build a one-month customised package that supports your personal health and wellbeing.

Sabrina Ovadya Lenson, Co-Founder, URWell

Women and Money Masterclass | With Gabrielle Spendlove

Masterclass, July 2022

Did you know that women couldn’t enter the London Stock Exchange until 1973? And that British women have only been able to apply for loans and credit in their own names since 1980?

If you’re shocked by those stats, it proves just how much things have changed for women and their money in the last 50 years alone.

Gabrielle Spendlove, Training & Community Engagement Specialist, Nudge

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

Social Selling Masterclass | With Holly Allen

Masterclass, July 2022

Social selling is about using your social network to identify the right prospects, build trusted relationships and ultimately achieve your sales targets.

According to a study by Linkedin, sales people who use social selling as part of their outreach strategy generate 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit their sales quota.

Holly Allen, Social Selling Expert and Women in Tech forum Brand Ambassador

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

Transitioning Into the C-Suite

Masterclass, June 2022

There has been a steady increase in the number of females holding senior leadership positions over the past few years with Deloitte predicting that one in four leadership roles at large global tech companies will be held by women in 2022.

In this exclusive masterclass with Navid Nazemian, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide, he will cover how to uplevel your career, leverage your unique position and successfully navigate into the C-Suite.

Navid Nazemian, Executive Transition Coach, PCC (ICF)

Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum


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Megan Stollery, Greenfield Field Marketing Manager, UK & Emerging Markets, Adobe

“Adobe’s partnership with Women in Tech forum, has provided employees with a safe space to engage with inspirational women inside and outside of their Adobe network. The partnership has also enabled us to deepen our relationships with clients by extending the programme externally through facilitated roundtable discussions and meetups, which have been extremely well received. It has been a pleasure working alongside Angie and her team over the past year, their dedication and collaboration is breath of fresh air. I look forward us collaborating even further for FY22.”

Louise Rossiter, EMEA Recruitment Lead, Slack

“Women in Tech forum is our go-to resource at Slack to help female colleagues build the confidence, support and leadership skills to take their career to the next level. The monthly webinars are so inspiring and always a great opportunity to learn from senior role models and connect with likeminded people. Moving to a virtual platform has enabled us to roll out the program globally and to showcase Slack as an employer of choice, committed to diversity and inclusion.

For anyone looking to improve employer branding or connect female talent, I’d highly recommend partnering with Women in Tech Forum."


“Diversity and equality are at the very heart of Amplitude and from the ground up we have proactively built an inclusive workplace environment for everyone. That is why our European team has partnered with the fantastic team at Women in Tech forum. Partnering with the Women in Tech Forum enables us to give back to our amazing female cohort and drive sustainable DEI strategies for future generations."

Director, Atos

“All of my female colleagues should attend these events”

Business Development Consultant, Introhive

“Lots of practical advice on how to earn the pay and promotion I deserve”

Account Director, Oracle

“I wish I had had access to this community earlier on in my career”

Global VP, SAP

“Delighted to be a part of this community. Together we are stronger”

Business Development Manager, Natterbox

“A great network of successful women who I can draw inspiration and support from”

Program Director, British Business Bank

“The best women in tech event I’ve ever attended”

Program Officer, Parliamentary Digital Services

“This network gives me the confidence that I can achieve my career amibitions”