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Women in Engineering | Coding: An Art and A Science

Masterclass, May 2024

In this masterclass, Khadijat Oyeleye will explore the fascinating world of coding, diving into its dual nature as both an art and a science. Here’s what you can expect:

🔍 What Is Coding? Khadijat will provide a comprehensive definition and brief overview, touching on different types of coding.

💭 What Coding Means to Me. Khadijat will share her personal view and definition of coding, wrapping up with what she loves about it, demonstrating why it’s both an art and a science.

    Women in Engineering | Masterclass | Cloud-Native Development

    Masterclass, March 2024

    In this masterclass Irina Kamalova a Senior Software Engineer at Revolut will be looking at:

    • How we had to cope with development cycle in the past
    • How cloud change the development cycle
    • Modern frameworks that are facilitate cloud native development

      Catapult Your Confidence

      Masterclass, March 2024

      When you feel more confident you take more risks, you communicate better, you progress your career quicker. And you feel happier.

      You’ll leave knowing:

      • Your strengths and how to supercharge them
      • The goals that excite you
      • And your pathway to success
        Women in Engineering | Bringing Ideas to Life

        Masterclass, February 2024

        Oana Bondar will be covering the below in this session:

        • Insights into requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance – best practices and strategies for navigating each phase successfully.
        • Understand key roles like product managers, architects, and unified engineers and how they work together.
        • Creativity, innovation, and confidence – how the new era of AI has shaped the work of an engineer.
        Women in Engineering  | Generative AI: Practical applications at scale in industry

        Masterclass, January 2024

        Generative AI has been making a lot of waves in the AI industry lately.

        But how do we sustainably scale these solutions without a lot of human dependency.

        What sort of controls, evaluation metrics, models, budget, governance, etc do we need to use these in production. This class will provide an industry summarisation on some of the best models to use and the recommended LLM architecture as well as evaluation metrics with the necessary risk appetite.

        Women in Sales | Generative AI for Sales

        Masterclass, January 2024

        This session, led by Siobhan Gallagher – Enterprise Sales Leader, will give you an overview of AI from a non-technical perspective, explain the different types of AI commonly used in business and share resources to help you ramp up your understanding of AI.

        Siobhan will cover how sales professionals can source and implement AI given the mass of available tools, what to consider when introducing AI, and how you can leverage AI to streamline and optimise the sales process.


        Masterclass, September 2023

        In this masterclass, we were joined by Sonia Nash, a diversity and inclusion advocate at SAP Concur to discuss how we can foster more equitable working environments for neurodiverse colleagues.

        Fostering LGBTQ+ Allyship in the Workplace

        Masterclass, June 2023

        We were joined by Joanne Lockwood from See Change Happen, an inclusion and belonging specialist, to discuss the importance of creating Positive People Experiences within organisations, what is an active ally and what is a passive ally and how to be intersectional in allyship for LGBTQ+ colleagues.

        The origins and evolution of Generative AI

        Masterclass, April 2023

        The past few months have seen a lot of excitement with the progress made in generative AI. Some call it hype and some call it the ‘AI revolution’. We have been flooded with information for moratoriums or advancements from the founders of deep learning, while companies are moving at hyper speed to start thinking about what innovation solutions this technology can lead to. This talk is aimed more from the view to arm you with information, background and a solid understanding of what generative AI is. It briefly dives into the timeline of NLP and its transition towards generative AI. It will also touch upon the different solutions available along with some cost estimates for using the model itself, fine-tuning it vs training it. We will go over the ethics side of this as it is necessary and responsible to understand as well as look at a framework that will help you implement or research this within your organisational context in a more responsible setting.

        Rock your Profile | Building your Personal Brand on Linkedin

        Masterclass, April 2023

        In this masterclass, Ollie will share practical strategies and top tips to build your profile and personal brand on Linkedin.

        Ollie Hayes, Talent Acquisition & Attraction Manager – UK&I/SSA/MEA, Adobe

        Moderated by Angie Vaux, Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        Hustle Culture & Burnout

        Masterclass, April 2023

        In a recent survey by Deloitte, 53% of women reported feeling more stressed than they did a year ago, and almost 50% are feeling burned out.

        The need to be successful in all aspects of our life, whether at work or in our personal lives, can sometimes take its toll on our mental health and wellbeing.

        The always-on hustle culture pushes us to do and achieve more. Without taking the time out to rest and recharge, this can over time, lead to exhaustion and burnout.

        Menstrual Cycle and Productivity Hacking

        Masterclass, March 2023

        In this masterclass, we were joined by Clare Knox, the founder and CEO of See Her Thrive. Clare is a Business Psychologist who specialises in building inclusive, human-centred organisations. She is a leading expert on how we can reimagine workplace culture, cultivate empathy and compassion, and create authentic, equitable workplaces where women can thrive. Clare discussed why menstruation and how menstrual health is a workplace issue, along with what are some of the practical strategies that you can use to help you optimize your productivity by aligning with the natural rhythms of your body.

        Finding Your Inner Joy with Joyologist, Donna Easton

        Masterclass, February 2023

        Donna is a Joyologist, Mindset Coach and Speaker featured on BBC radio, ITV, Psychologies Magazine and more. In this interactive workshop outlining the 6 x step ‘E.L.A.T.E.D System’, Donna will equip us with the tools to start sharing a happier work space and living a more joyful life.

        The aim of the workshop is to help us start to shift neural pathways in our brains to swing towards the positive. Lightweight and upbeat in delivery and packing a potentially life-changing punch, Donna’s ethos and teachings shift how we ‘show up’ and start to markedly affect our outlook and ultimately that of our wellbeing both at home and at work.

        Returning Strong | Managing your Career Progression After Having Children

        Masterclass, January 2023

        Research shows that women often experience a significant reduction in their salaries after having children. A study conducted by the University College London, shows that women earn 45% of what their salary would have been without having children in the first 6 years after birth.

        Nora Lamoudi-Sutcliffe, Sales Manager Global Accounts, LinkedIn Sales Solutions

        Juliet Baker, Snr. Go-To-Market Strategy & Programs Lead EMEA, Adobe

        Michelle Miller, Client Insight Manager, Shepper

        Moderated by: Alissa Warne, Head of Enterprise Marketing Nordics, Israel, MENA, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

        Becoming a Non-Exec Director | With Yemi Jackson

        Masterclass, October 2022

        Yemi is the founder of Building Inclusive Boards (BIB) a talent incubator and accelerator for minorities seeking board positions. Yemi is on the Advisory Board for BRiM (Black Representation In Marketing) and is on the UK Black and Brilliant Advocacy leadership.

        Yemi Jackson, Founder, Building Inclusive Boards

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        Setting up a small business | With Debbie Watkins

        Masterclass, September 2022

        The secret to success in any business is ensuring that the products and services will meet the needs of a complex and ever-changing marketplace. This is easier said than done, especially for small business owners, but not achieving product/market fit is probably the most common reason that business fail.

        Debbie Watkins, Co-Founder & CEA, Lucy

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        How to Thrive through Menopause Masterclass | With Julie Dennis

        Masterclass, August 2022

        Julie Dennis runs one of the UK’s leading menopause consultancies for organisations who want to create positive conversations and behaviours around menopause to help retain top talent, impact the gender pay gap and reduce business costs and risks.

        Over the past five years Julie has partnered with organisations across the UK to deliver tailored menopause at work training solutions that promote an environment where everyone can be themselves and perform at their peak.

        Julie Dennis, Director & Lead Trainer, Menopause at Work

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        Virtual Yoga Masterclass | With Sabrina Ovadya Lenson

        Masterclass, August 2022

        The class by URWell Co-Founder Sabrina Ovadya Lenson: Enjoy our strong strength class that incorporates slower controlled movements with body weight or external weights to improve overall body strength and power which results in defined muscles.

        URWell: URWell is an online, global wellness concierge that curates specific personalised wellness programmes for our clients and introduce them to the top experts in their fields. We build a one-month customised package that supports your personal health and wellbeing.

        Sabrina Ovadya Lenson, Co-Founder, URWell

        Women and Money Masterclass | With Gabrielle Spendlove

        Masterclass, July 2022

        Did you know that women couldn’t enter the London Stock Exchange until 1973? And that British women have only been able to apply for loans and credit in their own names since 1980?

        If you’re shocked by those stats, it proves just how much things have changed for women and their money in the last 50 years alone.

        Gabrielle Spendlove, Training & Community Engagement Specialist, Nudge

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        Social Selling Masterclass | With Holly Allen

        Masterclass, July 2022

        Social selling is about using your social network to identify the right prospects, build trusted relationships and ultimately achieve your sales targets.

        According to a study by Linkedin, sales people who use social selling as part of their outreach strategy generate 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit their sales quota.

        Holly Allen, Social Selling Expert and Women in Tech forum Brand Ambassador

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum

        Transitioning Into the C-Suite

        Masterclass, June 2022

        There has been a steady increase in the number of females holding senior leadership positions over the past few years with Deloitte predicting that one in four leadership roles at large global tech companies will be held by women in 2022.

        In this exclusive masterclass with Navid Nazemian, the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Mastering Executive Transitions: The Definitive Guide, he will cover how to uplevel your career, leverage your unique position and successfully navigate into the C-Suite.

        Navid Nazemian, Executive Transition Coach, PCC (ICF)

        Angie Vaux – Founder & CEO, Women in Tech forum


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        Megan Stollery, Greenfield Field Marketing Manager, UK & Emerging Markets, Adobe

        “Adobe’s partnership with Women in Tech forum, has provided employees with a safe space to engage with inspirational women inside and outside of their Adobe network. The partnership has also enabled us to deepen our relationships with clients by extending the programme externally through facilitated roundtable discussions and meetups, which have been extremely well received. It has been a pleasure working alongside Angie and her team over the past year, their dedication and collaboration is breath of fresh air. I look forward us collaborating even further for FY22.”

        Louise Rossiter, EMEA Recruitment Lead, Slack

        “Women in Tech forum is our go-to resource at Slack to help female colleagues build the confidence, support and leadership skills to take their career to the next level. The monthly webinars are so inspiring and always a great opportunity to learn from senior role models and connect with likeminded people. Moving to a virtual platform has enabled us to roll out the program globally and to showcase Slack as an employer of choice, committed to diversity and inclusion.

        For anyone looking to improve employer branding or connect female talent, I’d highly recommend partnering with Women in Tech Forum."


        “Diversity and equality are at the very heart of Amplitude and from the ground up we have proactively built an inclusive workplace environment for everyone. That is why our European team has partnered with the fantastic team at Women in Tech forum. Partnering with the Women in Tech Forum enables us to give back to our amazing female cohort and drive sustainable DEI strategies for future generations."

        Director, Atos

        “All of my female colleagues should attend these events”

        Business Development Consultant, Introhive

        “Lots of practical advice on how to earn the pay and promotion I deserve”

        Account Director, Oracle

        “I wish I had had access to this community earlier on in my career”

        Global VP, SAP

        “Delighted to be a part of this community. Together we are stronger”

        Business Development Manager, Natterbox

        “A great network of successful women who I can draw inspiration and support from”

        Program Director, British Business Bank

        “The best women in tech event I’ve ever attended”

        Program Officer, Parliamentary Digital Services

        “This network gives me the confidence that I can achieve my career amibitions”

        Chandni Panchal, Developer Advocate, Cisco

        [The Women in Tech Sales networking event] was by far the most relevant networking event I’ve ever attended, because it focused on sales roles within the tech industry, which I’ve not seen before.
        Also, thanks for the tips on preparing for my first salary review conversation! I’m feeling less nervous now that I’ve had some tips on how to approach it.

        Hourea Alaoui, Chair of Women Business, FARFETCH

        I was really looking forward to this session, and it massively exceeded expectations: some eye-opening points and clear takeaways. I'm now feeling very empowered to take action on my mentorship goals.

        Lana Simons, Sales Director

        Last week I had the pleasure to sit on the sofa with 3 incredible women in tech sales to share our experiences. Angelique Joly Naima Iqbal Louise Watkin
        Thank you Angie Vaux for inviting me to participate in a Women in Tech forum panel and meet incredible women who are part of this community.
        We all have our own story and having the opportunity to share, learn and develop is so important.

        Rebecca Morrice, Mid Market Account Executive, Egress Software Technologies

        Had a lovely evening at Women in Tech forum hosted by Angie Vaux. Found the panel of 5 ambitious sales women inspiring to listen to.

        Alexandra Mele, Regional Sales Director, Slack

        Last week I had the honour of joining The Women in Tech forum panel on “Lessons from successful B2B Tech Leaders” ... We discussed everything from maintaining resilience in this difficult economic climate, to how you can move from an individual contributor into a sales leader ... Looking forward to joining more of these amazing events in the future.

        Jessica Gayheart, Account Executive Vitrue Health

        What an amazing event! Thank you all for sharing your real-life experiences. It's so valuable to hear key sales tactics from successful women in B2B tech! Looking forward to more events.

        Caitlyn Ryan, Apprentice Sales Associate, World Wide Technology

        I had a lovely evening last night attending Women in Tech forum event ‘Lessons from successful female B2B tech sales leaders’ held at Samsara’s London Office. It was a very insightful event full of networking as well as inspirational talks from women who have built successful careers in B2B tech sales.

        Tinique Hay, Founder and Business Owner at Hay Events

        I love the power of events and impactful events are in support with the learning, growth and development of others. You simply cannot beat the value you get from an in-person live event panel discussion!

        Kajol Laxmi Patel, Business Development Representative, EBM (The Enterprise Bot Manager)

        I had a great time attending the Women in Tech forum event yesterday. It was an evening well spent surrounded by a group of driven, intelligent and inspiring people. Thank you to the panel, Alexandra Mele Laura Friend Christina Dennstedt Luba Ismakov and host Angie Vaux for sharing your experiences and insight so generously. It was a great opportunity to network with other women in the industry and I’m looking forward to implementing the things I’ve learnt and attending more events like this.

        Elizabeth Hajjar, Sr Director, Sales

        If you are in the London area and looking to network and learn from others in the tech industry I cannot recommend Women in Tech forum more.