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Mentoring isn’t an extracurricular activity. It’s vital for cultivating an enriching inclusive community.
– Diana Olin


To inspire our community to thrive, Women in Tech forum has launched our mentoring platform.

We use AI and machine learning, to create an online mentoring platform connecting mentors and mentees, providing tools to help you enhance your career, grow professionally and connect you with senior leaders and peers

We have an open network exclusive to Women in Tech forum members, but under a corporate membership you could also opt for a closed network within your organisation and ecosystem.

The platform is enhanced with powerful analytics to track the success of each mentoring program.

To become part of Women in Tech forum’s mentoring platform, join as a member today and gain access to an opportunity to enrich yourself and your peers.

“All of my female colleagues should attend these events”

Director, Atos


Consultant, Broadridge

“An evening to remember”

Services Sales Principle, HPE

“Lots of practical advice on how to earn the pay and promotion I deserve”

Business Development Consultant, Introhive

“I wish I had had access to this community earlier on in my career”

Account Director , Oracle

“An invaluable forum for any women in tech”

Account Manager, Slack

“Delighted to be a part of this community. Together we are stronger”

Global VP, SAP

“A great network of successful women who I can draw inspiration and support from”

Business Development Manager, Natterbox

“The best women in tech event I’ve ever attended”

Program Director, British Business Bank

“This network gives me the confidence that I can achieve my career amibitions”

Program Officer, Parliamentary Digital Services