Juliet Baker

Juliet Baker is a Senior Go-To-Market Programme Manager at Adobe. She shares her career highlights and how Black History Month for her is a reminder to reflect on and appreciate the achievement of Black people in the diaspora and around the world.

What are some of the highlights of your career in the tech industry?

My impact on diversity, including influencing culture change at Adobe and serving on a Board for the Centre of Governance and Scrutiny (CfGS) with a specific focus on helping to evolve the DEI Policy. Secondly being a finalist in the Women in Sales Award 2019,  where I was nominated for driving process improvement and efficiencies that had a significant impact accelerating growth and revenue within the EMEA Education Segment at Adobe and the final one is empowering individuals within tech and other industries to live a more fulfilling life aligned to their values, helping them get unstuck to reach their goals.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is for me a reminder to reflect on and appreciate the achievement of Black people in the diaspora and around the world. It’s an appreciation of our ancestors, their strength and fierce courage in spite of the consequences to strive for equality.

As a parent, it is also a time of educating my daughter and our community about their heritage, the sacrifices of the past and the opportunities of the future. 

What are the lessons from black history that have shaped how you live your life / influence your choices?

The key lesson from Black history that has shaped how I live my life are the threads of resilience, determination, and fierce courage to stand for rights and freedom. There are so many inspirational individuals, some well known and others who will never be recognized but all stood committed to make an impact. These stories continue to inspire me on a daily basis to continue to influence institutions and individuals to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I’m inspired to play my part, however small, to make the workplace better for the next generation.

How will I personally pay tribute to black history month?

By taking part in engagements and speaking opportunities within Adobe, tech and the wider community, to drive awareness of the areas of improvement, strategies and working towards a more diverse workplace.