Veronica Hollingsworth

Veronica Hollingsworth is an Account Executive, Enterprise Sales, Government at Adobe. She shares her passion for working in the Tech industry and how Black History Month for her is a time of reflection and celebration.

What are some of the highlights of your career in the tech industry?

Being invited to speak at various tech and sales events. Being a guest on panels for industry leading tech companies.

Joining Adobe and being promoted to an AE position within the Government team, I’m very proud of what we do for our customers and the company we represent. I’m pleased to see a focus on black women in tech within Adobe, I hope this encourages more black women to join.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

For me, it is a time of reflection. It is also a time of celebration, I do so by following and sharing events that highlight black talent from authors, activists, musicians, artists and more.

What are the lessons from black history that have shaped how you live your life / influence your choices?

Being raised by my Jamaican/African family means that I grew up with the stories of many past generations passed down, some of it is heartbreaking, the inequality (some of which happened hundreds of years ago and some much more recent!) There is also so much joy and beauty in our history along with a brave and strong resistance that I am proud of. This has undoubtedly shaped who I am.

Last October my family celebrated my Great Uncle Wilston Jackson’s blue plaque being unveiled at Kings Cross station London, he was Britain’s first black train driver. My Grandparents taught me to persist, to overcome and to be proud of who I am and my heritage. 

How will I personally pay tribute to Black History Month?

Reading and learning! There is so much of black history that is often left out of a lot of history books and teachings. I often discover interesting facts that I want to share with my children. I am also taking part in or attending BHM and WiT events.