Leadership Series with Grace Massey

Mar 17, 2022


Angie chats to Grace Massey, Marketing Director at nudge about her marketing career and path to leadership.


Grace acknowledges she enjoys the setting up and growth phases of business. Highlighting there is no time for self doubt, and a lot of time to learn on the job.


As part of the Senior Leadership Team, Grace has a passion for driving the organisation’s values and is steering the company to be a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.


Background in Marketing


Since graduation, Grace has been in Marketing. In the initial first five years of her career she was moving around quite a lot. Starting in Management Consultancy, she started working for an NGO called Alzheimer’s Society as she is a purpose driven individual. She then moved on into financial services and fintech. She now specialises in a senior HR tech role. 


She spent 3 years at Thomsons Online Benefits as a Senior Manager. She set up their Global Marketing and global campaigns and hired the marketing communications team there and set up automation and websites. It was a very hands-on experience in the growth phase of the company. As she really enjoyed the experience of being part of a company’s growth phase she searched for company’s in their growth phase to find Nudge. She applied to be a Marketing Director. 


From a tech company to a larger corporation


At Nudge, she quickly acquired line management responsibility and was thrust into the deep end of learning skills on the job. She was responsible for recruiting people globally, managing people and inspiring them. 


She laughs and says that ‘there wasn’t much room for overthinking or self doubt when you are in the deep end.” Even now, her managing style is very authentic. Teamwork informed her collaborative and transparent style.


In marketing, you have to ensure you align to the business and adapt your style. 


How do you drive business outcomes as a marketing function?


Marketing shouldn’t be siloed in an organisation and unfortunately it usually is. She says: “I ensure that the marketing KPI’s and objectives at Nudge are always socialised by the Head of Customer Success and our CTO so that our objectives are mutual.” She says that the benefits of working for a smaller company is the ability to be more agile and pivot.