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‘The Fix’ by Michelle P King focuses on the unseen barriers faced by women in the workplace. King explains that these barriers are due to the world of work never being designed with women in mind, or many other marginalised groups, affecting society as a whole.

King shares her own experiences working with women that are often made to believe they are the problem, who work twice as hard attempting to ‘fix’ themselves by pushing themselves to become recognised for their achievements and indispensable to their company.

“Women are encouraged to power dress, speak louder, and act more assertively – in other words, act like men to fit in at work.”

The book throws the notion that women need to change themselves in order to be a valuable addition to the workplace and presents the reader with relevant research and historical context that workplaces were and still are today designed for men.

King states that these challenges are not just a burden for women but for all of us, and provides proactive steps that we can take to fight gender inequality especially within the workplace and create real, sustainable change.

Reviewed By: Jinaide Yeboah, Research Analyst, Women in Tech forum
April 2021

The path from the mountains of Idaho, part of a family of survivalists, to the halls of Cambridge University is one many would label as impossible to travel. Having no formal education, instead working in her father’s junkyard and with her herbalist mother throughout her childhood, Tara Westover taught herself just enough mathematics and grammar to be admitted to Brigham Young University. Her subsequent quest for an education led her further from her home than she could have imagined and allowed her to question her upbringing and life in a way that she never had before. In her memoir, Educated, Westover recounts her unorthodox upbringing, adjustment to mainstream society, and the aftermath of straying so far from the mountain she grew up on, and everything she thought she knew.

Since reading this book, Westover has become a role model for me, as her life story, which at some points borders on unbelievable, is testament to what can be achieved through resilience and determination. 

Reviewed By: Abbie Oakes, Website Administrator, Women in Tech forum
May 2021

If you’re looking for a new book to read, I’d highly recommend ‘How Women Rise‘ by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith. ‪They offer some great insights on how to break the 12 limiting behaviours that hinder women from reaching their goals:

1. ‪Reluctance to claim achievements
2. Expecting others to spontaneously notice your achievements
3. Overvaluing expertise
4. Building rather than leveraging relationships
5. Failing to enlist allies from Day 1
6. Putting your job before your career
7. Perfectionism
8. The desire to please
9. Minimising
10. Too much
11. Ruminating
12. Letting the radar distract you

‪Many of these limiting behaviours resonated with me and this book offers some great advice on how to overcome these. The book also reminds us that behind each of these behaviours is a strength and a gift that helped us get to where we are today.

Reviewed By: Angie Vaux, CEO & Founder, Women in Tech forum
January 2020

Shoot the HiPPO is a digital marketing guide that lends a focus to non-traditional roles in marketing. The book does this from the very start, with the title “HiPPO” actually being an acronym for “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion”. 

The book contains stories, anecdotes and related materials that make it an engaging read. Not only do the writers share their personal thoughts and opinions, but all of these are constantly backed up by further professional connections. The book seamlessly ties together its chapters and topics with videos and readings that can be further explored online.

If you want cutting edge marketing lessons from a pro whilst steadily transforming your view of the marketing role, then this is for you!

Reviewed By: Rylee Bailey, Digital Marketing Assistant, Women in Tech forum
April 2021


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Megan Stollery, Greenfield Field Marketing Manager, UK & Emerging Markets, Adobe

“Adobe’s partnership with Women in Tech forum, has provided employees with a safe space to engage with inspirational women inside and outside of their Adobe network. The partnership has also enabled us to deepen our relationships with clients by extending the programme externally through facilitated roundtable discussions and meetups, which have been extremely well received. It has been a pleasure working alongside Angie and her team over the past year, their dedication and collaboration is breath of fresh air. I look forward us collaborating even further for FY22.”

Louise Rossiter, EMEA Recruitment Lead, Slack

“Women in Tech forum is our go-to resource at Slack to help female colleagues build the confidence, support and leadership skills to take their career to the next level. The monthly webinars are so inspiring and always a great opportunity to learn from senior role models and connect with likeminded people. Moving to a virtual platform has enabled us to roll out the program globally and to showcase Slack as an employer of choice, committed to diversity and inclusion.

For anyone looking to improve employer branding or connect female talent, I’d highly recommend partnering with Women in Tech Forum."


“Diversity and equality are at the very heart of Amplitude and from the ground up we have proactively built an inclusive workplace environment for everyone. That is why our European team has partnered with the fantastic team at Women in Tech forum. Partnering with the Women in Tech Forum enables us to give back to our amazing female cohort and drive sustainable DEI strategies for future generations."

Director, Atos

“All of my female colleagues should attend these events”

Business Development Consultant, Introhive

“Lots of practical advice on how to earn the pay and promotion I deserve”

Account Director, Oracle

“I wish I had had access to this community earlier on in my career”

Global VP, SAP

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Program Director, British Business Bank

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“This network gives me the confidence that I can achieve my career amibitions”