International Cyber Expo 2022

Olympia London Hammersmith Rd, London

Women in Tech forum is proud to be a community partner of the International Cyber Expo.Join us at THE cyber security event where business, innovation and education converge, this September 27-28 at London Olympia within the Community Village!Register for your free ticket here:

Becoming a Non-Exec Director Masterclass

Online - Virtual Event

Have you ever considered becoming a NED? In this masterclass, we'll be covering the key fundamentals that you need to know as a first time Non Executive Director (NED), including: * the core responsibilities of a NED * the hard and soft skills boards are looking for in a NED * how to find your […]

Celebrating Women of Colour in Tech

The Curtain 45 Curtain Road, London

Join Women of Colour in Tech forum, in partnership with The Curtain Club, for an evening of networking and inspiring talks celebrating women of colour in the tech industry. We’ll be joined by senior female role models who’ll be sharing their personal experiences on how to build a successful career as a woman of colour […]

Enlist Allies | Strategies to build your Personal Board of Directors

Online - Virtual Event

Having a career board of directors can help you navigate the unwritten rules of business, build more meaningful relationships, as well as open up new career opportunities. A career board of directors is a network of independent advisors, each specialists in their respective areas, who can both act as an ally and offer specialist expertise […]

Lessons from successful female B2B tech sales leaders

Samsara London HQ 1 Alie Street, London

Join Samsara and Women in Tech forum for an evening of networking and inspirational talks from women who have built successful careers in B2B tech sales. We’ll be covering: - What it takes to succeed as a women in tech sales - How to use your unique strengths to help you get ahead - How […]

Practical Strategies to Build Influence and Create Impact

Online - Virtual Event

How to add value and lead effectively upwards, downwards and sideways. To be effective at work, you have to be able to influence people at all levels of the organisation.  Influential people capture the attention and respect of their peers, and easily persuade colleagues to support their ideas and projects. People with influence are also […]

Confidence in Sales | Managing your Inner Critic for Sales Success

Contentsquare HQ 10 Devonshire Square, London

Confidence in Sales | managing your inner critic for sales success Having transferable confidence - the ability to transfer the confidence you have in your offering to your clients so that they believe in your confidence more than their own doubts - is key to having a successful career in sales. Oftentimes, when we lose […]

AI Transformation Summit | Financial Times

Online - Virtual Event

Artificial intelligence is already transforming the way we live and work. However, questions around effective application and governance remain more relevant than ever. How might AI tackle some of the key challenges we face, from boosting global economic growth to addressing the climate crisis? How can AI provide competitive business advantage? How can businesses, including […]

Taking Control of your Career

Online - Virtual Event

One of the main reasons people feel stuck in their career is because they don’t have a clear direction of where they want to go and how to get there. As we start the New Year, it is important to spend a moment to think about our personal and professional aspirations, to set meaningful goals, […]

Women in Tech Sales

The Century Club 61-63 Shaftesbury Ave, London

Join Women in Tech forum, in partnership with The Century Club, for an evening of networking and inspirational talks. We’ll be joined by senior leaders who'll be sharing what it takes to build a successful career as a woman in the rapidly changing world of tech sales. Whether you’re an individual contributor, an aspiring sales […]

Returning Strong | Managing your Career Progression after Having Children

Online - Virtual Event OR LinkedIn London Office 123 Farringdon Rd, London

Research shows that women often experience a significant reduction in their salaries after having children. A study conducted by the University College London, shows that women earn 45% of what their salary would have been without having children in the first 6 years after birth. In this interactive panel discussion with senior female leaders, we’ll […]